Soft shampoo which helps protect the hair thanks to its combination of active principles. 100% paraben-free.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its high content of essential fatty acids helps restore the natural levels of moisture in skin. Excellent emollient and regenerator.


Product properties

It is a Multifunctional Active, obtained from the organic farming of olive leaves through a process of chemical-free extraction. Provides moisturizing and elasticity, reducing the harms caused by pollution to skin.

The Panthenol, strengthens the hair, creating a protective film which helps maintain it moisturized. It provides brightness and makes combing more easy.

The Aloe Vera Juice has a moisturizing and soothing function, and Glycerin provides moistening action.

Thanks the Herbal Vinegar, product obtained from the maceration of apple vinegar with lavender, thyme, rosemary and salvia.

How to use

Daily use in shower or bath. To be used on humid hair. Rub softly until foam appears and rinse-off with plenty of water.



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