Protective moisturizer of daily use which thanks to its combination of actives provides.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Its high content of essential fatty acids helps restore the natural levels of moisture in skin. Excellent emollient and regenerator.



Product properties

It is a Emulsifier derivated from Olive Oil. It acts as an active principle forming liquid glasses which get integrated in the lipid barrier and strengthen its integrity, avoiding dehydration and reducing the harms caused by environmental factors.

Shea Butter as a natural regenerator which helps attenuate wrinkles and protect the skin thanks to its content of unsaturated fatty acids.

With Aloe Vera Juice, moisturizing and soothing effect.

The Urea as a natural substance located on the superior layers of skin and which plays a fundamental role in the maintenance of the natural moisturizing factor. High moisturizing capacity due to its capacity for retaining water in the surface of skin.

The Allantoin, promotes cellular regeneration of skins which are exposed and weakened by environmental factors, obtaining as a result a soft, tightened and healthy skin.

How to use

Apply with a gentle massage, over clean and dry skin, until its complete absorption. Avoid contact with eyes.


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